Classes Offered
Beginners Yoga and Yoga for everyBody - Are gentle flows for people who have little to no yoga experience. Focused more on simple postures and breathing exercises. These classes allow students to be totally relaxed and comfortable learning and practicing yoga.
Level 2 Yoga - An advanced vinyasa flow that gives students the opportunity to further their practice with deeper postures at their comfort level.
Relaxation Yoga - A calming flow that gives students complete stress release and total relaxation.
**Rock n’ Roll Yoga - A revitalizing flow of postures set to Rock n’ Roll music. This class is designed for people with some yoga experience. Although physical, the class will allow students to create their own intensity level.
**Yoga for Golfers - Students are taught how to calm down and focus through their breath and centralize their movement areas. Specifically allowing them to open their arms and hips as well as teaching them techniques to adjusting their golf game. Over time helping them to become more confident and better golfers.
**Yoga for Surfers - This course is designed for surfers of all ages and skill levels to develop balance and muscles necessary for all areas of surfing and swimming. Students will learn new and different ways to stretch and restore their bodies with easy to learn yoga postures. Students can participate in a number of different breathing exercises that will help them deepen their lung capacity, a benefit of yoga and necessary in surfing.
                       OTHER SERVICES OFFERED
Private Reiki Session - Reiki is a form of gentle energy work requiring little to no movement from the recipient. (Only available by appointment - email:
Ear Candling - An ancient technique that is thousands of years old used to clear waste and debris from the ear canal using large wax ear cones. Great for people who have chronic sinus problems. (Only available by appointment - email: